Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaron visits more Great Grandparents

Last week, Aaron and I made a trip down south to see my grandparents. We met Poppa and G at the Remington. This was Poppa's first time to see A.

G could not believe how much bigger he was compared to when she came to see us in August:

Pourciau Four Generations:

G'momma's first time to see A. He loved her!

Talking to his G'momma:

Meeting Aunt Jessie:

Reading the obituaries with G'momma:

Mom put earplugs in to protect A's innocent ears from the things G'momma was saying. He thought it was funny. Dad said you can tell he is a male because he was happy about not being able to hear the girls talk:

Winters Four Generations:

Meeting Uncle Craig:

Aunt Terri:

Getting a bath in the sink:

Visiting with Pawpaw before we left:


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