Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three Months

Stats: NINE pounds yesterday. That is four pounds since he started formula. Not sure how long he is. He tends to put up a fight when they try to stretch him out to measure his length so they keep guessing and its all over the place. I'm guessing 21-22 inches.

Eating: Still taking formula like a champ. Started having a little bit of reflux so we started on Tagamet this month. But doing well with it. He is taking 3-4 oz of formula at time. This week he has only been waking up twice a night for bottles which is so much better than it used to be.
Clothes: Newborn clothes and have outgrown even some of those. No 0-3 month things fit yet but I think we are very close. All of his newborn clothes are really for summer since thats when we expected him to wear them so I have had to do some shopping. Here he is before he went to Nonna and Pop's one day this week in his new Halloween shirt.

Diapers: We moved up to newborn diapers this month. Think we may even need to move up to size 1 very soon. He is about to be too big for the newborn. Still can't get used to him having a little booty now.
Sleeping: I am so proud of his sleeping this month. He now goes to bed between 6:30-7:30 and sleeps until midnight. Once he has a bottle, he goes back to sleep until 4:30 then will sleep until 7:00ish. He has even started napping more. I try to put him down once in the morning and once in the afternoon. He will sleep about 45 min to an hour each time. If he misses one of those naps he is SO much fun (sarcasm noted) by the time Stephen comes home from work and is usually asleep but 6:00. Once he figured out how to finally sleep, he is loving it.
Toys you love: loves his play mat now. We are borrowing it from JT. He will stay on this for about 30 minutes at a time and will just talk and talk to the baby in the mirror. He is also loving reading now. Will just sit and listen while we read and make funny faces and voices for him. He probably thinks we are crazy. But as long as he keeps smiling, we keep doing it.

Milestones this month: Still HATES tummy time. I have just decided he will never like it. He is standing on our laps much better now. Just needs help with balance but bears all his own weight. Loves to stand up and show us how big he is. Also sits in our laps now leaning against us like a little man. He started smiling big off and on earlier this month but now does it pretty consistently in the last week. Just starting to laugh but has not really figured this out. He started "talking" and can babble away as long as you will listen. It never gets old. We hardly watch tv when he is awake. We watch him instead now. We are really enjoying the fact that he is starting to play and interact with us. Its so much fun! He is thinking about turning over. He gets about half way there then chickens out. Think it is coming soon. He is also grabbing at his toys now and has also found his hands. He loves to suck on his fingers/hand/arm- whatever he can get to. He does not have great coordination yet and gets frustrated when he can't hold his hand in his mouth and it keeps moving. So sometimes, he just sticks his tongue out and licks it as it goes by.

Activities: "talking" to mommy and daddy, sucking on his fingers, looking at himself in the mirror, playing on his activity mat
When is he the happiest: When he is in our bed early in the morning and he realizes we are both there. He gets so excited and just looks back and forth between us and talks and talks. Waking up and seeing that little smile never gets old. How can you wake up grumpy when you see that?
Medical: Waiting for a decision from the heart team to decide what needs to be done next. Will probably have a heart cath in the next month. Hard to believe his heart is not perfect when you see him growing and meeting all his milestones right on target. He does not act sick!


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