Saturday, November 27, 2010

Telling the Pourciaus

So we FINALLY got to tell my parents and Leigh this week. I had been avoiding all three for the last week on the phone so I would not give the secret away before we saw them in person this week. We had talked about different ways to share the news and I read about this idea online. My mom thought it was funny how you can google ways to tell your parents you are pregnant. What we did was get my family to take a picture with me. Stephen had the camera and said "Okay on the count of three every one say Casey's pregnant!" Ha ha! It was perfect. Leigh started screaming and crying. Dad was shocked. Mom, who did not cry when I went to college or at my wedding, just starts bawling! Ugly crying. We all got so tickled watching her. Needless to say, none of them saw that coming. It feels even more real now that they know. Glad we are not having to keep it a secret from them. We are still keeping it hush hush until we go to the MD in January. Just a few more weeks to go. We are now 6 weeks along and DB is the size of a sweet pea! Its grown so fast. It was the size of a poppy seed when we found out!

This is the exact moment. Love their expressions. Leigh was still trying to pose. Mom was completely surprised. Dad was half smiling for the pictures and half confused. Wish we had recorded it all to have on video too.


Leigh said...

Those ugly cry pictures are the best! After January 5th, I'm making that my facebook profile picture. I'm sitting here surfing Etsy for sock monkey garb. (There is an OH SO CUTE infant sock monkey hat. Too bad Doodle Bug and I share a hot-as-Hades birth season. Maybe DB can wear it in the air conditioning for pictures?)

I also looked at baby things and maternity clothes at Target. Let me know when I can send you some cute clothes!

Tara and Jim said...

I LOVE this!! You are going to be so glad you have these pics! Love that you are keeping a "journal" of your pregnancy! I totally should have done that! Still so so excited for yall!! :)

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