Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nursery Preview

The nursery is definitely not finished by any means but it is at least livable now. We worked on it for awhile today. Now I want to go out and buy those cute decorative things to finish it up. Here are just a few pictures I took today with my phone so not the best quality but my feet were too tired to walk to the other end of the house to get my camera. Sorry, just saying. Ill get better pictures when its all done.

Here is the bedding. We got the mattress this week (Thanks, inlaws!) and got the bedding back also (thanks mom for transporting it back and forth!). Its brighter in person. It's very happy looking. I'm pleased with it.
Yes, the bed moved from the first picture to this one. I got Stephen to move it to the opposite wall today so that you see it when you walk in the room and you don't have to peak around the door to see it. The shelves are not staying above the bed. Don't worry. They were just still there from when this room was an office and Stephen has not taken them down yet.

The other side- changing table and the bassinet for now. It will be in our room when we get home from the hospital.

We got our dresser this week. This was actually in my nursery when I was a baby. Thinking about painting it but not sure what color yet. Think maybe a pale blue and then antiquing it. Also changing up the hardware. Oh well, maybe next weekend. (Did you feel Stephen rolling his eyes and sighing there? haha)


Leigh said...

I spy Sassy's book basket! I love that bassinet. Who gave Aaron that?

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