Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Birth Dream

So last night I had another pregnancy dream. This time I dreamed I was in labor at the hospital. And, everything that I told Stephen I do not want to happen, HAPPENED!! It was horrible! I woke up sweating and totally stressed out. First I was in labor in this room that looked like it was in an atrium/lobby and everyone walking around the hospital could see into my room. Then my whole family and all our friends were just standing around my bed staring at me waiting for the baby to come. (FYI- to you who plan to be there that day, you are welcome to come. But, please know that I don't want people in the room when I'm laboring. No worries, Amory has a nice waiting room and free wi-fi!). Back to my dream, so I have this list of nurses that I do not ever want to treat me as a patient. In my dream, all the nurses on this floor were those nurses. I was freaking out!! The last thing I remember is that another doctor walked in, and I asked where Dr. Otey was. They said he was not working that day. That was the final straw. I woke up in a panic. Think thats the last time I watch "One Born Every Minute" before going to bed!


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