Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest Belly Pic

(special thanks to my husband to puts up with taking 50 pictures of me and letting me see each one and deleting half of them. This is really a test of his patience.)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 15

How Far Along: Started week 15 today

Size of baby: the size of a large navel orange

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. I go back and forth between regular and maternity shirts.

Gender: I still say boy this week. I dreamed the other night it was a boy and I was going to give him a bath and he used the bathroom all over me and started giggling.

Movement: I have felt flutters off and on this week. Nothing consistent yet.

What I miss: Sleeping straight through the night. Its starting to get harder to get comfortable. I did get a pregnancy body pillow that has really helped. I even found Stephen curled up with it one morning when I got out of the shower. Ha ha

Sleep: see above

Symptoms: This week has brought all new symptoms and I am not very proud of them. I have ZERO patience this week! I mean ZERO!! And apparently I am not a fan of dogs right now (Yes, I know most of you that read this are huge dog people but right now I am not! Sorry, Im sure it will pass). I have also had some heart palpitations that are benign. It is still aggravating though. Apparently this is very common in this stage of pregnancy because the amount of blood in my body is still increasing. My doctor (and the million internet sources I have searched through) say that is is normal and will pass. My blood pressure has been perfect (Yea! Please pray that my bp will continue to be great throughout the pregnancy. I am most concerned about this). I have also started having more back pain this week. I will be glad when I start driving less for work because the 125-150 miles a day is getting more tiring.

Cravings: FOOD! I have been so hungry. Stephen was laughing at me last night. It was 10:15 and he was headed to bed. I was headed to the kitchen to make a snack. The other day I did text Leigh to say I wanted the following for lunch: brownies, cheetos, and sweet pickles. We had none of that in the house. I think I may just have to break down and make the brownies. I have wanted them for two weeks now.

I feel like I have not gotten much bigger this week but Stephen says that I have. I may try to get him to take a picture tomorrow before we go out. No other changes to report this week.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

13 week Ultrasound

This one he/she is looking straight at the screen and waving. You could see all of its little fingers but it kept moving so it was hard to get a picture of it.
Back laying on its back but still has arm up waving
Kicking like crazy

Saturday, January 22, 2011

(took this last weekend so I am a little bigger now)

How Far Along: Started week 14 yesterday (Yep! Im in my second trimester now!!! Praise Jesus!)

Size of baby: the size of a lemon (i think this is weird since I was a peach last week. I though lemons are smaller than peaches. who knows)

Maternity Clothes: I love elastic waist pants!! They are the best! I went shopping with my mom last weekend and got some great stuff and all on sale! May go back to Target tonight to get a couple more things. I need some more shirts because my regular ones are getting a little short in the front.

Gender: I still say boy this week.

Movement: I thought I felt something last night.

What I miss: I have felt so much better this week! I am getting more energy every day. Yesterday I accomplished more than I could have in a week two weeks ago.

Sleep: I have slept really well this week. When we went to Baton Rouge last weekend we got to sleep in a king size bed and it was heaven!

Symptoms: The nausea has gotten better. It mainly depends on what I am eating. Anything greasy makes it worse.

Cravings: Nothing really stands out in my mind this week.

Went back to the doctor yesterday. Got to have another ultrasound. The baby was HUGE! Could not believe how much it grew in two short weeks. The heart rate was 158 (boy!?!). The baby was moving around like crazy flipping from one side to the other. It waved again and you could see its little fingers. You could even see its little nose. He/she put on a show yesterday. The tech asked if I had had some sugar or caffeine. Nope! The baby is just that active. Heaven help us! Dr Otey gave me and the baby an A+ for the visit. And, yes I did sign the papers for my epidural yesterday so we are good to go! We also now have a pediatrician. Crazy! Its getting more real now. We go back in four weeks. We may find out the sex then or it may be the next visit. Now we have GOT to decide on names. I want to have a name picked out so DB will have a name as soon as we find out the sex.
(Tara said she can scan the ultrasound pics tomorrow so I will post them later)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 13!!!!

How Far Along: Started week 13 yesterday (last week of our first trimester!!WOOHOO!!!)

Size of baby: the size of a peach

Maternity Clothes: One of my friends loaned me 3 bags of clothes this week. Yea! I still have not gotten to go shopping yet. Hopefully I will very soon. I am running out of clothes.

Gender: I say boy this week but we will find out the last week of February

Movement: Nothing this week

What I miss: Nothing really this week. Have been getting more energy and getting my appetite back.

Sleep: Have slept better this week thanks to my little friend, Benadryl.

Symptoms: Nausea some (but more from this cold that I have had). This week I started getting HUNGRY! And it comes on all of a sudden and I feel like I will literally die if I don't eat in the next 2 minutes. Then when I get something, I can only eat a little bit before I am full.

Cravings: Last night I wanted a large pan of brownies! I told Stephen if he happened to see some on his way home from work to go grab them. I started to make a pan but knew I would eat way too many. So I had sugar free ice cream instead. It was not the same.

So happy to move onto the next trimester. Can't believe we are 1/3 of the way through! This has gone by fast so far. Go back to the doctor next Friday. Ready for the ultrasound so I can see him/her again!
No belly picture this week. I have only had scrubs on so maybe Ill get one this weekend when I actually try to put real clothes on.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

I have had very vivid crazy dreams from the moment I got pregnant. They never make any sense but can make me wake up upset and CRANKY. This is one of my husband's least favorite parts of pregnancy. He hates when I wake up mad at him and he has no idea why. Ha ha oops! Anyway, I had a funny one this week and wanted to write it down so I would remember.

All in the same dream:
1. Stephen was late for his first day of work
2. Stephen was wearing an outfit that was completely wrong for work
3. Stephen had re-arranged my kitchen and I could not find anything
4. Stephen had cheated on me

I woke up crying mad and only because I thought Stephen had touched my kitchen!! Ha ha! That was what had apparently crossed the line for me in that dream. My hormones are so messed up. I told Stephen about it and he promised me to never ever re-arrange my kitchen no matter what. Oh yeah, and he promised to always be faithful too :) I have issues!

Week 12

How Far Along: Started week 12 yesterday

Size of baby: the size of a large plum (has doubled in size in the last two weeks!)

Maternity Clothes: I finally broke down this week and bought a couple pairs of scrub pants one size larger and got one pair of maternity jeans (see above). I have never been so happy! Feels so much better than trying to cram in my regular pants. Im still living in yoga pants as soon as I walk in the door at night. Don't think that will change. Had plans of going shopping this weekend to get more clothes but had to work. Maybe Ill get there next week. One pair of jeans wont get me very far.

Gender: I say girl but we will find out the last week of February

Movement: I felt flutters 3 times this week that felt very different. It is still a little early.

What I miss: I have felt good pregnancy wise this week. Its this stupid cold that wont go away that is making me nuts!

Sleep: Not as good this week. Get more uncomfortable every night.

Symptoms: Nausea has been much better. Hope this means we are almost done with this phase. Still keeping the Phenergan close by just in case

Cravings: ICE CREAM! I have had it everyday this week. With this cold, I want very cold things. No real food sounds very good and I have not been eating enough the last few days but hopefully I'll start feeling better soon.

We went to the doctor this week (FINALLY!!!!!). Thank goodness we had the ultrasound first. I felt like I lost 50 pounds when they turned on the speakers and I heard that heartbeat. It was a fast 175. And the little one was waving at us. I go back on the 21st and will have another ultrasound. Ready to see the baby again. Maybe they will let me look a little longer this time. Felt like the last one lasted 30 seconds.

We also finally announced our little secret to the rest of the world this week. Everyone's excitement has been overwhelming. I had no idea how happy everyone would be! My facebook and text messages have been overflowing with well wishes. We also told our grandparents. They were all really excited! Gramma and Poppa both cried, which I expected. Grandmomma said she wasn't surprised. Guess she figured something was up since I have been hiding out in Alabama through the holiday season. Stephen's grandparents were also very excited. I think the reaction that really took me by surprise was my boss. I went by the office after my visit and showed her the ultrasound pictures. She jumped up and hugged me and told me to take as much time off as possible and not to worry about work at all. I was SHOCKED! Everyone in my office is happy that a baby is coming soon. This week has flown by. In addition to going to the doctor and sharing our news, Stephen started his new job and his last semester at school (can I get an "amen"?). We apparently have a big winter storm coming tomorrow so I am looking forward to hiding out and taking it easy for a couple of days.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Pictures

Went to the doctor today. Here are the first pictures of DB. You can see him/her waving. Will post more about our crazy day tomorrow. Too tired right now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 11

How Far Along: Started week 11 yesterday

Size of baby: the size of a lime (my how you've grown)

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but going shopping VERY soon! I now have two pairs of lounge pants and one pair of scrubs.

Gender: I still go back and forth

Movement: Not yet. Still too early.

What I miss: I have not been resting well this week

Sleep: Not as good this week

Symptoms: Have started feeling better this week. Not as much nausea. Maybe its on its way out! I have had a little more energy too but still crash to sleep whenever I get the chance.

Cravings: I have been wanting my mom's BBQ shrimp. She has been at my house for the last 3 days and I have EATEN like I have not eaten in two months. Told her she is going to make me gain weight before my appointment next week. I got so happy to eat and enjoy the food! Think that was one of my favorite moments this week. Ha ha!

Well, we head to the doctor this week (FINALLY)! And will be spreading the good news. We really need to hurry because I have really started to show. Having to hide behind baggy shirts right now. Will try to get a good belly shot this week!