Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Crib!!!

So we got another big package in the mail today---the crib!! I could not believe it came so quickly. I just ordered it Sunday night. Stephen was nice enough to put it together even though he had an extra long day at school. Thanks, boo! Had to get the traditional "baby daddy putting together the crib" photos so here you go. Not the best angles but I was very comfy on the floor and did not want to get up (What?! I'm almost 6 months pregnant! Its allowed!)

He said he had to claim it for Alabama:

This is the crib that almost happened. Well, we bought it a few weeks ago. When we tried to put it together we realized we were missing some pretty important parts. Then the more Stephen worked on it the more I decided I did not like it. It was very low to the ground and just made me have a total pregnant melt down. We were able to return it and get our money back. Just wanted to include this picture to remind us about it.


T said...

I like the new bed much better!

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