Sunday, February 27, 2011

18 Weeks

Okay so sorry I have missed a week. I am just going to start posting about the week at the end of it instead of the beginning so I will not miss any weeks. So we are finished with week 18 and starting week 19 now. Make sense? Hope so

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: large mango

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. I go back and forth between regular and maternity shirts.

Gender: We find out THIS week!!! Finally! I can't believe we will actually know what it is and will know its name and make it more real. So ready for Friday to get here so we can go to the doctor.

Movement: More and more each week.

What I miss: Sleeping without having crazy hormone pregnancy dreams. I told Stephen just this morning if I could get rid of any symptom this would be it.

Sleep: Just getting tired of sleeping on my sides. I miss sleeping on my belly!

Symptoms: Mainly tired this week. I worked several 10 hour days and we have been really busy. Think its catching up with me this weekend. Hope I catch up on my sleep soon because I go on call this weekend.

Cravings: FOOD! The doctor told me on my last visit to watch what I was eating. I had been having so much nausea that I had been eating mainly bland starches and it showed when I weighed in. Now that he told me that, Im STARVING!!! I have been cutting the carbs back and trying more wheat/multi grain. Plus adding in more fruits and veggies. We will see when I go back this week.

So we go back to the doctor on Friday. We get the BIG ultrasound. Fingers crossed the baby will cooperate so we can find out what it is. I don't plan on leaving that room until I know. I will try to post this weekend to let you all know. We did go to Shreveport last weekend and got our registries started. There are links on the side of the blog to take you directly to them. We will add a few gender specific items once we know. Can't believe we have a shower in a little over a month.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Birth Dream

So last night I had another pregnancy dream. This time I dreamed I was in labor at the hospital. And, everything that I told Stephen I do not want to happen, HAPPENED!! It was horrible! I woke up sweating and totally stressed out. First I was in labor in this room that looked like it was in an atrium/lobby and everyone walking around the hospital could see into my room. Then my whole family and all our friends were just standing around my bed staring at me waiting for the baby to come. (FYI- to you who plan to be there that day, you are welcome to come. But, please know that I don't want people in the room when I'm laboring. No worries, Amory has a nice waiting room and free wi-fi!). Back to my dream, so I have this list of nurses that I do not ever want to treat me as a patient. In my dream, all the nurses on this floor were those nurses. I was freaking out!! The last thing I remember is that another doctor walked in, and I asked where Dr. Otey was. They said he was not working that day. That was the final straw. I woke up in a panic. Think thats the last time I watch "One Born Every Minute" before going to bed!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Signs that a baby really is coming to our house soon...

A baby bed and mattress! I did not have any anxiety about this whole thing until I watched Stephen unload this and bring it into the house. I had a small panic attack cause that was the moment it really sunk in for me. We bought this last week. It was a great deal we could not pass up. It was a year old and never used because the baby's room was upstairs and he stayed downstairs with is parents. So, basically we got a baby bed that was never slept in for the cost of a mattress so it was too good to pass up. In the very near future the office/man room will become the nursery. I told Stephen just to go ahead and put the bed in there. I walked in the guest room and found it in there instead. He said he was not mentally prepared to give up his man room yet. Haha! He better get ready soon!

We picked this up at Walmart this weekend so we can start washing and organizing clothes/blankets/etc as soon as we get them.

Several people have told me to start watching for diaper and wipe sales and pick up a pack when I make Walmart trips. This way I can start a stockpile while I do not have the other many expenses that will come soon. By the way, I did put those in the office. He he! We will see how long they stay in there before Stephen moves them out.

I texted this picture to my Mom Saturday night. I sat down to dinner with my Valentine and I was shocked to find my belly touching the table. My mother always taught me to put my napkin in my lap but I was not sure what to do with this. I tried the on the belly napkin but that didn't really work either. Guess Ill have to figure this out as I get bigger and bigger.
(Sorry the picture is so bad. I was wearing a black shirt and it was dark the restaurant)

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Stephen, Casey and DB!

Friday, February 11, 2011

How Far Along: Started week 17 today

Size of baby: I found a new chart that puts the size of the baby in man terms. This week its the size of a stud finder. Stephen was really excited about this so I thought I would use this instead of our usual produce.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. I go back and forth between regular and maternity shirts.

Gender: I still say boy this week. We will find out really soon!

Movement: Continue to have flutters off and on.

What I miss: Still missing my energy. Miss sleeping on my stomach too.

Sleep: Just getting tired of sleeping on my sides. I miss sleeping on my belly!

Symptoms: I have had more headaches this week. Not enjoying that. Still have nausea off and on but mainly when I am hungry.

Cravings: The only thing out of the ordinary was I woke up wanting steamed cabbage for breakfast one day. Of course I did not eat that for breakfast but I would if I had had some. Stephen thought this was the nastiest thing he had ever heard. I also wanted a certain slaw that my mom makes. I texted her this week for the recipe and made it for supper that night. It was so good!

We head back to the doctor next week. Ready to go and make sure everything is still on track. Time to start thinking about registering and thinking about the nursery soon. Lots to do! Lots to do!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Photos

Morgan took several pictures of me this weekend to show off the belly. Enjoy:

Me and Jo Don

It was freezing cold!

Ready to head to the concert:

The Bump:

Being cheesy. Every one needs at least one of these pictures during your pregnancy:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 16

How Far Along: Started week 16 last Friday

Size of baby: the size of an avocado

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. I go back and forth between regular and maternity shirts.

Gender: I still say boy this week. We will find out really soon!

Movement: Flutters continue off and on. Yesterday I got back from a quick trip and was sitting here talking to Stephen and every time Stephen would talk the baby would move. We got a kick out of it for several minutes.

What I miss: ENERGY! I really did too much this weekend and I'm feeling it today. I just can't go go go like I used to. Also got a UTI this week. YUCK!! It took me out for a day. I went to the doctor and then straight back to bed and slept the rest of the day. I have one more dose of antibiotics left. I have really up-ed my water intake and feel much better now.

Sleep: no problems this week except for one night when I was sick

Symptoms: This week I have continued to be nauseated at times. But this week it was only when I got really hungry. I have not been eating as many snacks. Have to do better about that.

Cravings: Nothing really this week. I have had a raging appetite one day and then can do without food the next (Yes, mom, I'm still eating those days too ;))

I had a couple pictures taken this weekend but I haven't gotten them yet from Morgan. I'll post them soon.