Sunday, June 26, 2011

35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Size of baby: large cantaloupe- According to the ultrasound Friday he is up to 5 pounds! Yea!! Big boy!!

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes all the time. And they are starting to get a little small

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: He's still a very active boy! Moving more and more!

What I miss: Still have to say sleeping on my belly.

Sleep: It still comes and goes. I did sleep really well this weekend while we were able to share a giant king size bed. It was nice. I had all my pillows and Stephen was not fussing.

Symptoms: Being tired just thinking about doing anything. I am officially becoming a hermit. Would be happy to just stay at home until this baby decides to come out.

Cravings: Not much of an appetite again. Just eating what I can. I really need to go to the store so we will have some food in this house.

We did pack the hospital bag last week. We have almost everything ready to go and good thing because the doctor said the process has started. We are ready! He said he thinks Aaron will be a July baby and I will not make it to August which is just fine with me! I'm officially over this pregnant thing and ready for the next phase. Ready to hold this baby boy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 Weeks

Size of baby: large cantaloupe- We will get his new weight Friday. Praying he has grown alot since the last ultrasound.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes all the time. I am so ready to wear regular pants. Yesterday I just went to my closet and stared at all my jeans. One day I will wear them again.

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: He's still a very active boy. Woke me up this morning. One of his favorite games right now is to punch my bladder. I'm really not a fan.

What I miss: Pretty much everything this week. I think I'm reaching the point where I am just over this whole pregnant thing. I'm told this is normal.

Sleep: Its still hit or miss. Depends on how many bathroom trips I have to make and if I can find that perfect position to sleep in.

Symptoms: Tired and breathing like a fat person just walking across the house--very attractive trait.

Cravings: This week I have wanted sweets. I made Gramma's peanut butter pie Thursday and Stephen has not helped me eat much of it so I am working on it all by myself.

I saw the doctor last Wednesday. I had lost weight again (Not sure how when all I did was sit on my booty and eat) but the doctor was not concerned since it is so hot. I go back this Friday and Stephen is going to go this time to see the ultrasound. Hope Aaron is not hiding his face like last week. We did not get any good pictures this time. He kept turning away.

We went to Birmingham Saturday with the inlaws to shop and pick up the last few things we need. I was very worried about my endurance but I made it! I sat down alot and drank alot of water. We went to Babies R Us for the first time. That place is great!! Everything you did not know you needed. Our favorite part was the gliders. We all took turns sitting in these two and we wanted to take four of them home. We are still talking about how comfy they were.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Work Shower

They threw me a shower Wednesday at work during our weekly meeting. First they we ate which is what we do best in that office. Then we were showered with lots of gifts. Amber took a few photos for me.

I tend to collect food on my belly now. Today was buffalo chicken dip which was great but not so great for pregnant heart burn. Ouch!

I was stuffed! They like to feed me and fatten me up.

Time for gifts

Love this little book bag from Amber, Amanda M and Emily. They also got him a cute little cow rattler. Amber and Amanda used to show cows for Stephen's grandad.

Yea for a sterilizer! Nurses like things clean! Thanks Amanda G!

One of my supervisors from Tuscaloosa gave us this giant monkey. He's so cute

Here is most of the gang. Some were still working. Amber decided we needed to do the cheerleader pose. Ha ha! Okay will try to name everyone:
Top row left to right: Patsy, me, Emily, Teresa, Amanda M, Beth, Jennifer
Bottom row left to right: Bjanka, Amanda G, Amber

They are all very excited about Aaron coming. Not so excited about be taking some time off. They keep trying to convince me to just deliver there at the health department. Um, no thanks! Ill take my hospital birth with an epidural!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4D Ultrasound

Click on pics to make them bigger:

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Size of baby: Pineapple- He is supposed to be between 4.5-5 pounds but he is only measuring 3 pounds 13 oz on the ultrasound this week.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. Maternity shirts now too. Growing out of some maternity shirts now. Running out of lounge clothes.

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: Moving alot. My whole belly moves now. Stephen tried to catch it on video this week but Aaron would stop soon as he started recording.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly (yeah, I know I say this often but its really true)

Sleep: I was up 3 times last night going to the bathroom and slept off and on. It changes every night.

Symptoms: HOT!! Hot all the time! That's my biggest complaint. I was sweating like crazy in church this morning.

Cravings: I wanted some veggies last night so I made some black eye peas, rice and corn bread and we had some fresh tomatoes too. We have been eating alot of tomato sandwiches this week. Yum!!

I did go to the doctor this week. Aaron is head down!! Yea!! Got to see him in 4D too. Ill post those pictures next. I am now on weekly visits so they can keep a check on his growth since he is measuring so small. I go back this Wednesday for the next check up.

Heres a few things from this week:

Stephen is now painting my toes for me. He's not thrilled about it but likes how it keeps me from spending money on pedicures.

We also got our stroller and car seat. We got the base installed in the car and is ready to go.

We plan to pack for the hospital maybe today. It's getting close!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aaron's Columbus Shower

Aaron's Nonna
Some of my hostesses- Tara and Brooke

We left an empty spot for Callie since she could not be here today

So blessed

Door hanger for the hospital

Diaper Genie for Stephen to put all the dirty diapers in when he changes Aaron :)

Such a sweet shower today. We feel so blessed. Thanks to all of you that came and shared in this special time with us. Brooke, Callie and Tara- it was all perfect. Thanks for all you did! You went all out. I feel so loved!!

32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of baby: Honeydew melon (19 inches, 4.5 lb)

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. Maternity shirts now too. Growing out of some maternity shirts now. Running out of lounge clothes.

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: Moving alot. Still loves my ribs and kicking them pretty hard. Ready to see if he is head down this week at the doctor.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly (yeah, I know I say this often but its really true)

Sleep: Comes and goes. Was not great last night. Having alot more baby nightmares and wake up several times a night. Just accepted that this is how it is going to be for awhile

Symptoms: Still tired and HOT!! Hot all the time!

Cravings: Nothing really this week. Have not been hungry much this week. Its too hot to eat much of anything. I usually just want fruit, popsicles or ice cream at the end of the day.

Go to the doctor again next week. Ready to see Aaron on the ultrasound. Really ready to find out how much he is weighing. Will share the pictures soon as I can.