Tuesday, September 13, 2011

He's growing up!

Aaron has had a big couple of days. First he started sleeping in his crib. I thought I would be all smart and let him nap in there and gradually transition him to sleeping in there at night. Well after two very successful naps without any crying at all, I decided to try last night. He slept in there without any resistance until 5:45 am. Still waking up at to eat at 1:00 and 4:00. Cannot believe my baby is old enough to sleep in his room alone. Sad face! He did sleep in his nap nanny in the crib. I plan to let him continue sleeping in his nap nanny for awhile. As much as we have to travel for doctors appointments, its just easier. This way I can take it whenever we go and he has the same place to sleep on each time. I told Stephen yesterday, I'm thinking very hard about taking it to the hospital next time he has to go for his heart cath.

He also got his first sink bath last night. Aaron HATES baths but he did scream a little less in the sink. It was much easier too so I think we will keep with the sink baths for awhile.

Pitiful face:
All better!

Aaron also smiled at me for the first time last night. I was super tired and not feeling like a great mommy. When I saw him little face light up, I felt so much better. I do not think I will ever get tired of seeing that. Can't wait until he starts laughing. He is trying to figure it out. Think it will happen soon.

This weekend he also got to meet Ruby! She has been healthy, and we decided it was time. Of course this picture was the closest they ever got. Told Ruby she had to resist the urge to give Aaron all her kisses until he is a little stronger. Can't wait to see these two playing together!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two Months!!

Comparing one month to two- starting to fill out finally!

Stats: At the last doctors appointment on Friday 9/9/11 he weighed SIX POUNDS!!! He's huge to us now! We did not get a length so I am not sure but last time he was measured was two weeks ago and he was 20.25 inches
Eating: We stopped nursing on 9/2/11. He was not gaining like he should and my mommy gut told me to call the doctor. After talking to Dr. Sheffield, we decided it was time to stop nursing and switch to formula because it was critical for him to start gaining quickly. He was falling further and further behind on the growth chart. Since we switched, he gained from 5 lb 2 oz to 6 lb in just one week! He loves formula and is having no problems with it so far. I am less stressed since the switch so I think it was best for momma and baby. We go back this Friday to be weighed again.
Clothes: Still wearing a couple premie sleepers but he had to move up to newborn sleepers also. He is in all newborn pants and onesies. Some are still too big but his camo and superstar outfit are finally fitting correctly even though he has been wearing them for awhile.
Diapers: Premies still
Sleeping: Think he has finally figured this out. Sleeps about 10 hours at night. We usually put him down about 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm and he will sleep until 6:00 am or 7:00 am. Wakes up to eat about 1:30 and 4:30. Sometimes he likes to stay up and play but usually goes back to sleep within 10 minutes of finishing his bottle. He still is not a great napper. There are several days when he will only nap 10-20 minutes at a time. As long as he keeps sleeping at night, I can handle the no napping.
Toys you love: Aaron's best friend is Clifford. He is a Wubba Nub paci. (picture below). We have a panic when he is lost. Aunt Sassy picked up an extra Clifford this week so we will have a back up if needed. LOVES watching the mobile onto of his swings. And he loves the toys hanging from his bouncy seat. He is really doing well tracking toys. He will even look for us when he hears us walk into a room. Its so fun to see Aaron start to want to play. He is just starting to grin but no full smile or laugh yet but I think its going to happen very soon. He is staying in your swing for 30 minutes or an hour at a time on some days. Other days he still hates it. Aaron is also staying in his bouncy seat some. We try to put him in there at supper time so Stephen and I can start eating together again.
Milestones this month: Tracking toys with his eyes, standing longer on our laps when we hold him, looking for mommy or daddy when he hears our voices, starting to grin (think we are on the verge of laughing and smiling at us). Doing much better with tummy time. Starting using the boppy pillow for tummy time and he seems to last longer.
Activities: His favorite thing is to look at ceiling fans for hours!! He looks for them in every room we go in. Its so funny how he never gets tired of it.

Aaron and Clifford- BFF4Life!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Watching College Game Day for the first time. Raise up a child in the way he should go...

Saturday Morning Scene

Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Month Old

Stats: At the last doctors visit on 8/2/11 you were 4 lb 6 oz and 18 3/4 inches long which means you gained 3 oz since leaving the hospital!
Eating: You are still learning to nurse. You give us a look like it was so much easier when I had a feeding tube and did not have to do any work!
Clothes: You wear the smallest premie clothes we can find. Not much fits you. What does fit is still baggy. You will be too long for things before it gets to tight. We just wear the same things over and over which is fine because we are home anyway.
Diapers: Premies and they are still big. Poor thing, you have no booty!
Sleeping: Haha! That's funny! You still have a hard time sleeping and you are not that great of a napper unless someone is holding you. You sleep the best at night when Nonna comes to stay and help. We keep accusing her of giving you something but she denies it. Wish she would just share her secret! Mommy and Daddy are tired. Right now you sleep either in the basinet, the swing or the pack-n-play in our room. But usually we end up in the den with you walking and snoozing on the couch most of the night. You also love when we sit in the recliner and lay you on our chests. We will keep working on this. Praying you figure this out soon!
Toys you love: nothing really yet. You are not interested. We put you in your bouncy seat or swing but you do not notice the toys on them yet.
Milestones this month: You did roll over twice at the hospital in your crib when you dropped your paci but we think it was just on accident. You have not done it again. You are starting to hold your head up much better when we have you on our shoulder.
Activities: All we do is go to the doctor, Nonna's or stay at home. That's our life for now.

Poor thing spent most of your first month of life in the hospital. You did get to finally meet Stephen's grandparents once we got home.

Four generations:

First Weekend at Home

He's home! Now what do we do with him. Well hold him for hours on end and stare at his perfect little lips of course!
Auntie Mo came home with us for the weekend. Not many people get their own personal NICU nurse to help those first few days. She was so tired from staying up all night with him at the hospital that she fell asleep on the floor soon as we got home. She was like this for two hours!
We wished Aunt Sassy happy birthday over Facebook once the word got out that we were in fact at home
We got the first of many hospital bills. Unfortunately Stephen just saw the total amount before he realized it was the bill BEFORE insurance was applied. Once he figured that out he felt MUCH better!

Auntie Mo gave him is first bath. Mommy and Daddy decided to just watch. Too nervous. Aaron is NOT a fan of baths!

All done! No more hospital smell!

On Sunday, we watched Cap preach about how God repairs our cracked pots. Can you hear Aaron saying "Amen!" ha ha