Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eight Months

Stats: He got up over 17 lbs but has had tummy troubles due to teething and is back down to 16 lb 12 oz. But he did grow 1 3/4 inches and is now 27 3/4! Which means all his pants look like capri pants on him.

Diapers: Moved up to size 3. Still using Luvs.

Clothes: Wearing mostly 9-12 months. Having trouble with pants right now. They are too big in the waist and too short. He's happiest in just a diaper.

Eating: He has been eating MUCH better. Eating 4-5 bottles a day each one 6-7 oz. He also eat solids three times a day. He started eating with his hands this week. Loves blueberry and banana puffs. He is not a fan of yogurt melts.

Socks are tasty too:
Sleeping: Sleeping 12 hours a night. Usually in bed by 6:30 or 7:00. Taking two naps a day 1-2 hours each. (Except this is all different this week due to the evil teething- he slept okay at night but did not nap well AT ALL this week. Hoping he will be back to normal soon)

Toys you love: Still loves a red plastic cup. Also loving books this month. When you turn the page he will hurry and peak at the next page to see whats coming up. Also learning to turn the pages. His favorite toy is whatever he can reach and put directly into his mouth.

Milestones this month: FINALLY got a tooth!! It broke through this Thursday. It has been a LONG week! We have had every teething symptom there is: no sleeping, no eating, crying, fussing, diarrhea, drooling, biting, REALLY bad diaper rash, and crying parents. The second tooth is not far behind. He is not officially crawling but he gets where he wants to go with half crawling, scooting and bunny hopping. Not sure but he thinks its working for him. Pincher grasp- can pick up his puffs and feed himself. Starting to work on using a sippy cup but he's not a huge fan. Also doing really well with object permanence. I used to be able to just hide things like my phone behind my back. Now he goes back there looking. I have even noticed him now putting things behind his back once he's done playing with it. So funny!

Activities: Talking, eating, sleeping, cutting teeth, watching videos of himself on our phones, reading, going outside to do anything, playing in the bathtub.

Aaron and Daddy texted this pic to Mommy at work one night this week after his bath:
He loves riding up and down the driveway in his wagon:

Medical: We were at the pediatrician yesterday since he has been feeling badly lately. Of course soon as we got there he was all smiles. The pediatrician thinks its teething with a side of cabin fever. He talked to everyone he saw in that office. Go back next week to be weighed again. We go Monday to see the new cardiologist. Praying for a good visit.

At the pediatrician's Friday. Where is our sick baby?!

Visitors: G and G'momma were here for a couple days. We also went to Alabama for a quick visit for Nonna's birthday. We stopped to see Aunt Sassy on the way back home.

Telling Nonna happy birthday:
Eating with Sassy:
Visiting with Gmomma on the new blanket she had made for him from Pawpaw's shirts:
I love how he looks at them when they are together. He looks back and forth with a very concentrated look like he's not sure whats about to happen. He's a quick learner:
Happy spring from Aaron!


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