Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Months

Stats: He was 15 lb 14 oz and 26 inches long last week when we went for his well baby visit. He has gotten alot longer! Has been through two sizes of pants in month!

Diapers: Using size 2 still and back to using Luvs. Can't beat them

Clothes: Wearing mostly 6 month and some 6-9 or 6-12 month things. He has outgrown alot this month so its time to dig through the hand me downs again. He maybe has another week in his 6 month pjs. His feet are about to bust out of them.

Sticking out his tongue while showing off some pjs:

Bought this shirt at a consignment sale when I was pregnat. Bought it just for the cute little elbow patches. So excited he can finally wear it!

Dressed up for Daddy's birthday last month:

Eating: Eating is hit or miss. Somedays he takes his bottles other days its like wrestling an alligator to get him to eat. He loves solids and will eat all that we will give him. So trying to hold back on those a little to make him hungrier for his formula. Its a daily battle and game. Try something for a few days then try something else. This is our biggest stressor right now with him. He is still gaining weight so thats good.

His favorite is chicken dinner. Of course he likes chicken! He's a Richards:

Sleeping: He was sleeping great. Its been not so good the last week but getting better. Still sleeps through the night and uses his sleep sack. When he is tired, he will now fuss until you you put him in the sleep sack. He is starting to not want to be rocked which kills my heart! But on the other hand it is nice that he can put himself to sleep in his crib.

Toys you love: Favorite toys this month has been the $5 stacking rings that we gave him at Christmas. Also loves anyone that will play peek a boo now. He will laugh until you are just exhausted from jumping out from behind things. Also loves his new bath toys that Daddy got him.

Milestones this month: Rolls over both directions, still sitting up but much better. Now can roll and scoot all over the place. Nothing is safe anymore. He now eats more solids and has started babbling alot. I think his mouth may get him in trouble in school one day. Also, trying to blow raspberries now. He can easily pick up clifford and flip him around until he can put his paci in his mouth. Loving that he can do this. Makes it so much easier. He will take the paci out and cry until you come check on him, then soon as he sees you put it back in his mouth and just grin. Little stinker!

Activities: Talking, eating, playing in his new bathtub, reading, rolling/scooting and grabbing whatever is within 3 feet. His reach is incredible! Also started chilling, with his hands behind his head and ankles crossed. Everyone asked if we posed him like this for the picture but we did not. He does this on his own. Too funny but it's true:

Medical: Saw our new pediatrician last week. Love her and the new clinic. We are going to a hearing screening tomorrow. No concerns. Just needs one due to the risk factors he has from being a NICU baby and the surgery. We are waiting to hear when he will get his next Synagist shot. In other new, we have to change cardiologist asap. We are getting used to the idea and waiting on a referral from the group at LSU. Hope to see Dr. Keil in the next month for a check up.

Visitors: Had some visitors this month. G and G'momma came to visit for a couple days in January. Then Sassy, G and Poppa came this past weekend.

Holiday: Aaron wants to say "Happy Valentine's Day!!" and also this is CHD week to promote CHD awareness so we took some pictures with Aaron's heart pillow that the nurses gave him after surgery.


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