Sunday, November 21, 2010


Guess who's having a baby!?!?! We are!!! Yes, I know! We are walking around in a daze, shocked too! Ha ha! Got to love God's timing. We found out Friday 11/19/10. For the next 24 hours, we just walked around the house hardly saying two words to each other trying to take it all in. Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled but just having a hard time fully comprehending what is happening. We are doing much better now!Looks like we are due around July 29, 2011.

My practical hubby immediately started looking at the bank account and doing math. Haha! I just cried because that is apparently what I do now. Earlier this week before I took the test, I found myself crying while watching The Biggest Loser. Then I cried about the fact that I had cried over it! This is something that has continued. I cried three times this morning before we could even get to church. Haha! Poor Stephen, just looks at me and shakes his head. Sorry, babe! It has been a real joy to live with me this week ;). Hope this does not continue the whole 9 months!

Right now we are keeping it hush hush. We will not go to the doctor until January 5 (which feels like FOREVER!!) and then start spreading the good news.

This blog was started for a couple reasons. For me to document this part of our lives and keep a journal. Also so our family and friends that do not live nearby can also be apart of this journey with us. It will be set to private to protect Doodle Bug but we do not mind any family and close friends reading so just let me know if you know of anyone that needs to be added to the invite list of readers.

Doodle Bug- why this name? Well after walking around for three days calling it "it", we decided we wanted to have something else to make it more official. So, Stephen decided on Doodle (which was Chase's nickname when he was a baby). Chase did say we should name it after him, so here you go Chase :)

We will be updating regularly on all things baby. I will also try to keep up our other blog with recipes and life events.


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