Tuesday, September 13, 2011

He's growing up!

Aaron has had a big couple of days. First he started sleeping in his crib. I thought I would be all smart and let him nap in there and gradually transition him to sleeping in there at night. Well after two very successful naps without any crying at all, I decided to try last night. He slept in there without any resistance until 5:45 am. Still waking up at to eat at 1:00 and 4:00. Cannot believe my baby is old enough to sleep in his room alone. Sad face! He did sleep in his nap nanny in the crib. I plan to let him continue sleeping in his nap nanny for awhile. As much as we have to travel for doctors appointments, its just easier. This way I can take it whenever we go and he has the same place to sleep on each time. I told Stephen yesterday, I'm thinking very hard about taking it to the hospital next time he has to go for his heart cath.

He also got his first sink bath last night. Aaron HATES baths but he did scream a little less in the sink. It was much easier too so I think we will keep with the sink baths for awhile.

Pitiful face:
All better!

Aaron also smiled at me for the first time last night. I was super tired and not feeling like a great mommy. When I saw him little face light up, I felt so much better. I do not think I will ever get tired of seeing that. Can't wait until he starts laughing. He is trying to figure it out. Think it will happen soon.

This weekend he also got to meet Ruby! She has been healthy, and we decided it was time. Of course this picture was the closest they ever got. Told Ruby she had to resist the urge to give Aaron all her kisses until he is a little stronger. Can't wait to see these two playing together!


Shawn and Callie said...

Oh yay!!! So glad that Ruby and Aaron got to meet! JT cannot wait to meet his little buddy :-) Thinking of y'all!

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