Sunday, November 6, 2011

Four Months

Stats: 11 lb 8 oz and 23.5 inches long today at Dr. Sheffield's office. Which means he passed the 10 lb mark this month! That happened on 10/21/11 (picture below):

Eating: Still taking formula like a champ. Reflux does not seem to bother him much but he is still on his tagamet. He was taking 4 oz of formula every three hours before his heart cath. Now he wants to drink 1 oz and play. Then drink a little more. Its so frustrating and takes all day to get him to eat! Hoping this is just a phase and he gets over it very quickly! We are starting on rice cereal in his bottle tonight! woohoo!

Clothes: He has outgrown almost all of his newborn shirts. His pant still fit around the waist but are too short. We wear them anyway since most of the 3 month pants are way too big. He can wear two pairs of 0-3 pants that Nonna bought him. They are prefect. Narrow in the waist but plenty long. Will have to go to Kolhs soon and see what else they have in that brand. He wears almost all 3 month shirts. Carter's 3 month seems to fit great right now. Its always the smallest so he will outgrow it first. Hope not before Thanksgiving because I got him a cute Carter's outfit. There was one week this month that he outgrew everything! One day it all fit and the next I was getting him dressed and nothing fit. His overalls were two inches above his ankles and when he pushed his belly out the side snaps popped open! He's a growing boy!

Showing off the first day he wore a 3 month shirt and pants:
Showing off his first winter coat:

Diapers: He is in size 1 now. We go between Luvs, Huggies, and pampers. We have them all from showers so use whatever is closest during diaper change. This was the first time to use Luvs and I really liked them. They fit well and we have not had any accidents with them. Plus they are way cheaper than Huggies or Pampers.

Sleeping: Was going great before we went to Jackson for his cath. He was going to bed at 6:00. Sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00. Still waking up twice to eat. He was taking some good naps. At least two a day. Since we came home. He still wants to go to bed by 5:30 or 6:00 but isnt sleeping as sound and wakes up more to eat. Plus he is not napping very well. Ready to get back on a schedule. Hope the cereal in the bottle will help.

Toys you love: All things that make noise, hand/foot rattles, Sophie, Clifford but Mommy and Daddy are his favorite toys right now. He loves when we talk and make faces. He never gets tired of it. He started sitting in his bumbo this month. He loves it. I put him in it in front of the glass door and he watches outside.

Milestones this month: Still HATES tummy time (that hasn't changed). Is doing some better. Used my yoga mat recently and he did better on it. Still have to try anything we can think of and keep changing it up to surprise him. He "talks" all the time now. Squeals, babbles, and makes all kinds of noise. He loves if you listen and talk back. He is sitting up much better and requires even less support. His head control has really improved. He moves it with purpose now and can really control when he turns it much better. He also started trying to hold his bottle some. He doesn't fully support it but does put his hands on either side to help you. He will knock it out of his mouth when he is done though. His personality is really starting to show. He's so funny and loves when you laugh at him. He is also becoming a little flirt. We noticed he has two dimples coming in that I'm sure will only help with his flirting. He also seems to be starting to teeth now. Yea! Lots of drooling and biting on anything he can get in his mouth. He also is starting to show interest in rolling over. He goes to his side. Only rolls all the way over if you give him a little push. But he will stay on his side and play and looks at you like "thats enough for now". I bet it will happen soon.

Activities: "talking" to mommy and daddy, reading books, playing on activity mat, sitting in his bumbo. He had a busy month with a trip to Baton Rouge and a couple trips to Jackson. Good thing he likes to ride in the car.

When is he the happiest: Still is happiest in the mornings or right after his morning naps. Especially when Stephen and I are both near by. He just looks back and forth between us and smiles and giggles. Its so cute!

Medical: Had heart cath on 11/1/11. We go back on 12/2/11 to see Dr. A for a check up. We saw Dr. Sheffield today for our very first well baby visit. It's so nice to go for a check up and get all good news! I could get used to this. He got four vaccinations and his first Synagist shot (to prevent RSV)


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