Sunday, November 21, 2010

Telling the Inlaws

Mt Harmony is getting ready for Night in Bethlehem which mean my inlaws are spending every second at the church getting ready. Stephen was dying to tell them so we decided to just find them at the church yesterday to let them know. We had to tell someone because we were about to pop!! Plus that was the church where we were married so we thought it was fitting. I wanted to share the news in a creative way so we found a pack of bibs. One saying "grandma's favorite". The other saying "how can you resist this face". We wrapped them up and then headed to the church. I called Mrs. Debbie and told them to come out to the car to come get a Thanksgiving sussie I had for them. They did not think anything of it because this is pretty common for me to do. They all walked around the building and Stephen and I got out of the car. I handed Mrs. Debbie the gift bag and Chase and Mr. Mark were standing nearby. She opened the bag and looked down at the bibs, then she looked at me then looked at the bibs. She kept doing this for a good 10 seconds. Mr. Mark looked just as confused. When she looked at me again I just said "Yes!". Then she started screaming. Ha ha! Not the reaction I had expected but still so funny. Then she started leaning against the car like her legs were going to go out from under her. Then the hugs started. Mr. Mark was so funny. He said two things I will never forget, 1."I guess that means I'm old now." 2. "I thought maybe Casey had baked something!"- I am! A bun in the oven! Ha ha- they always get stuff when Im making new recipes. Chase's response was exactly what we expected. He smiled and nodded. He will be a great uncle! By the time I remembered to take a picture the guys had gone back to work but Mrs. Debbie was happy to show off the bibs with Stephen. They are all thrilled and Mrs. Debbie has already said July feels so far away. I agree! That seems like 10 years from now.

I CANNOT wait to tell my parents and Leigh this week. We are waiting since we will actually get to see them all in person for Thanksgiving. I already have something made up to surprise them with also. Can't wait to see their responses either. I will get some pictures then too.


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