Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cardiac Step Down

When they told us we would have to stay around the clock once he moved to the floor, we were so exicted. We would actually get to stay in the room and take care of our own baby for the first time. Do not think anyone understood how thrilled we were to just have a chance to change diapers, rock him and feed him. We really loved this time. Got to get used to taking care of him but with the guidance of some great nurses. Aaron was the favorite patient on the floor. They rarely get to have babies so little.

Daddy learning how to feed Aaron:
Cap came back from Shreveport as soon as he heard he could hold Aaron when he was on the floor:
Showing off our little peanut:
Both my boys fast asleep one morning after Aaron was up ALL night. He had his days and nights mixed up for a while. Don't think he even blinked that night. He was wide eyed and ready to party. Think he was scared he would miss a moment with us.
First time being in a real crib without any tube or oxygen:

While we were here he had several "firsts". Cap, T, Leigh and Auntie Mo got to hold him. We got to feed him a bottle. He also got to nurse. He even lost his umbilical cord. Mom was changing a diaper after a major blowout and it got caught up in the mess along with cords from his telemetry and came right off. I must say he has the cutest belly button ever!


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