Monday, February 14, 2011

Signs that a baby really is coming to our house soon...

A baby bed and mattress! I did not have any anxiety about this whole thing until I watched Stephen unload this and bring it into the house. I had a small panic attack cause that was the moment it really sunk in for me. We bought this last week. It was a great deal we could not pass up. It was a year old and never used because the baby's room was upstairs and he stayed downstairs with is parents. So, basically we got a baby bed that was never slept in for the cost of a mattress so it was too good to pass up. In the very near future the office/man room will become the nursery. I told Stephen just to go ahead and put the bed in there. I walked in the guest room and found it in there instead. He said he was not mentally prepared to give up his man room yet. Haha! He better get ready soon!

We picked this up at Walmart this weekend so we can start washing and organizing clothes/blankets/etc as soon as we get them.

Several people have told me to start watching for diaper and wipe sales and pick up a pack when I make Walmart trips. This way I can start a stockpile while I do not have the other many expenses that will come soon. By the way, I did put those in the office. He he! We will see how long they stay in there before Stephen moves them out.

I texted this picture to my Mom Saturday night. I sat down to dinner with my Valentine and I was shocked to find my belly touching the table. My mother always taught me to put my napkin in my lap but I was not sure what to do with this. I tried the on the belly napkin but that didn't really work either. Guess Ill have to figure this out as I get bigger and bigger.
(Sorry the picture is so bad. I was wearing a black shirt and it was dark the restaurant)


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