Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Weekend at Home

He's home! Now what do we do with him. Well hold him for hours on end and stare at his perfect little lips of course!
Auntie Mo came home with us for the weekend. Not many people get their own personal NICU nurse to help those first few days. She was so tired from staying up all night with him at the hospital that she fell asleep on the floor soon as we got home. She was like this for two hours!
We wished Aunt Sassy happy birthday over Facebook once the word got out that we were in fact at home
We got the first of many hospital bills. Unfortunately Stephen just saw the total amount before he realized it was the bill BEFORE insurance was applied. Once he figured that out he felt MUCH better!

Auntie Mo gave him is first bath. Mommy and Daddy decided to just watch. Too nervous. Aaron is NOT a fan of baths!

All done! No more hospital smell!

On Sunday, we watched Cap preach about how God repairs our cracked pots. Can you hear Aaron saying "Amen!" ha ha


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