Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Month Old

Stats: At the last doctors visit on 8/2/11 you were 4 lb 6 oz and 18 3/4 inches long which means you gained 3 oz since leaving the hospital!
Eating: You are still learning to nurse. You give us a look like it was so much easier when I had a feeding tube and did not have to do any work!
Clothes: You wear the smallest premie clothes we can find. Not much fits you. What does fit is still baggy. You will be too long for things before it gets to tight. We just wear the same things over and over which is fine because we are home anyway.
Diapers: Premies and they are still big. Poor thing, you have no booty!
Sleeping: Haha! That's funny! You still have a hard time sleeping and you are not that great of a napper unless someone is holding you. You sleep the best at night when Nonna comes to stay and help. We keep accusing her of giving you something but she denies it. Wish she would just share her secret! Mommy and Daddy are tired. Right now you sleep either in the basinet, the swing or the pack-n-play in our room. But usually we end up in the den with you walking and snoozing on the couch most of the night. You also love when we sit in the recliner and lay you on our chests. We will keep working on this. Praying you figure this out soon!
Toys you love: nothing really yet. You are not interested. We put you in your bouncy seat or swing but you do not notice the toys on them yet.
Milestones this month: You did roll over twice at the hospital in your crib when you dropped your paci but we think it was just on accident. You have not done it again. You are starting to hold your head up much better when we have you on our shoulder.
Activities: All we do is go to the doctor, Nonna's or stay at home. That's our life for now.

Poor thing spent most of your first month of life in the hospital. You did get to finally meet Stephen's grandparents once we got home.

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