Saturday, November 19, 2011

Aaron's First Christmas Tree

We went ahead and put up our tree today. Needed to check something off of the list. Stephen put the tree together and "fluffed" the limbs last night after Aaron went to bed. He was so excited to show it to Aaron this morning when he woke up. Aaron loves the lights and just squealed and squealed while we decorated it.

Walking into the den this morning:
"Dad, where did this come from?!"

Pretty lights:

We put an ornament on his swing while we decorated. He loved it and started fussing when I took it off to put on the tree:

We have a tradition in my family to fight (I mean alternated in a perfect schedule) over who puts the Bible ornament on the tree. Its a tiny little bible that the print is so small you can't even read it. When I got married, Mom bought one for our tree. I decided to be the adult and let Aaron put it on this year since its his first year and all. Man, I am so nice :)

All the decorating, tree watching, singing and dancing to Christmas music wore him out! We took a little nap in the recliner and enjoyed our hard work:


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