Monday, June 18, 2012

11 Months!

Yea!! Clap for being 11 months old!!

Stats: Somewhere close to 20 lbs  have not been weighed in awhile. Had a foot growth spurt and has out grown most of his shoes.

Diapers: Still size 3 and holding and still using Luvs.

Sleeping: Still going to bed at 7:00ish and sleeping until 6:00ish. Also he is still a two nap a day baby. The naps vary in length depending on the day.

Clothes: Mostly all 12 month and a few 18 month (smaller 18 month) things

Eating: Three seven ounce bottles a day (morning, after afternoon nap and bedtime). Eating three meals. LOVES cheese!! 

Toys you love: Books, his tractor at T's, BALLS (we offically hit that little boy stage. He also can say "ba" when referring to them, he even thinks tomatoes are red balls), anything that plays music

Milestones this month: give high fives, went to big church (briefly) and loved the music, went to the zoo, had our first ER visit, first swim, first busted lip. He is also now saying- mama, dada, bob, ba (ball), boo (boudin), T, nana (banana) and nonna. Waves bye bye. Shakes his head no appropriately (and often)
Swimming at Nonna and Pops

Activities: dancing non stop if he hears music, flushing the toilets, turning on the bathtub water, eating the rocks from T's gas fireplace, throwing tantrums, following simple instructions (bring me the ball, no, etc), looking out the windows, giving kisses only when he wants to

Medical: He had another ear infection this month. Also we were kept for observation on night at Batson because he had a couple "blue" spells on Saturday. Everything checked out fine. We got to see Dr. A and Dr Salazar while there. They were both so pleased to see how well Aaron is doing. Chasing him around a crib with 5 monitor leads was not so fun. We untangled the lines 100 times in the 20 hours we were there. Aaron can now reach the monitor from the cribs there and reprogrammed his once too. We love that Aunt Sassy lives there and was at the ER within minutes of us arriving. 

Childrens hospitals are not child proof

Visitors: We went to Jackson for a weekend to see Sassy, then to Alexandria, La for a wedding and to see all the Pourciaus, then to Alabama to see the Richards and Mays. We were busy buys this month and put alot of miles on that car seat. 


Leigh said...

You know you're from Louisiana when one of your baby's first words is "Boo" for "boudin"!

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