Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Months

Stats: 18 lb 11 oz. Not sure how long but longer based on his clothes

Diapers: Still size 3 and holding and still using Luvs.

Sleeping: Still going to bed at 7:00ish and sleeping until 6:00ish. Also he is still a two nap a day baby. The naps vary in length depending on the day.

Clothes: Mostly all 12 month things now.

Eating: We are just shooting for 3-4 seven oz bottles a day now. I have given up and decided I am not constantly counting how many oz he takes in. We are doing table food three meals a day. Sometimes a snack or two. He definitely gets in dairy in at least one meal from something like yogurt or cheese. He loves cold water in his sippy cup. Drinking from a straw easily. He loves macaroni and cheese, sliced canned carrots, cheerios, hash browns (especially from Strawns), biscuits, yogurt and as always bananas. 

Toys you love: Books, anything that plays music so he can dance, rubbermaid containers

Milestones this month: climbing, cruising on furniture, standing unassisted, drinking from a straw, waving bye bye, signing "more" and "all done" appropriately, understanding the word "no". We took him to a Japanese steak house for the first time. His daddy was so excited to take him. Aaron was not thrilled with it but not fearful. He also wore his first set of super hero pjs later that night. Again, his daddy was so excited and proud. He also went to the park for the first time. He was complete uninterested. He did not see the point at all and was very happy to leave. He also went into Walmart for the first time. He thought it was amazing. He just kicked back in the buggy and waved and waved at everyone that passed by like he was on a parade float. 
Tokyo Steak House
First super hero pjs
First Walmart trip

Activities: belly laughing, dancing, saying dadada, climbing, trying to walk, crawling at lightening speed, throwing things into the bathtub, busting into the bathroom if he hears anyone in there (privacy- whats that?!), loving baths, standing unassisted, chasing daddy then daddy chasing him around the recliner, bubbles, reading (Good Night Moon), and still loves going outside.

Bathing with mommy's old bath toys at Gramma's 

Medical: Aaron had his first ear infection. Got a double one! He spiked a fever and was just not himself on a Thursday afternoon. I took him Friday morning to see the pediatrian. I was shocked when they said he had an ear infection. It was a first time to have a normal baby sickness. I had no clue what to do with it. We spent the weekend giving tylenol, motrin and atibiotics. The antibiotics didnt work and we had to change to another but finally after a few days it all cleared up. This month he also had his last synagist shot!! Yea!!! So glad to be done and know that we should be too healthy to qualify for them next season.

Visitors: We went to Baton Rouge to see some of his great grandparents, great aunts and uncles and some of his many cousins. 


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