Friday, June 17, 2011

Work Shower

They threw me a shower Wednesday at work during our weekly meeting. First they we ate which is what we do best in that office. Then we were showered with lots of gifts. Amber took a few photos for me.

I tend to collect food on my belly now. Today was buffalo chicken dip which was great but not so great for pregnant heart burn. Ouch!

I was stuffed! They like to feed me and fatten me up.

Time for gifts

Love this little book bag from Amber, Amanda M and Emily. They also got him a cute little cow rattler. Amber and Amanda used to show cows for Stephen's grandad.

Yea for a sterilizer! Nurses like things clean! Thanks Amanda G!

One of my supervisors from Tuscaloosa gave us this giant monkey. He's so cute

Here is most of the gang. Some were still working. Amber decided we needed to do the cheerleader pose. Ha ha! Okay will try to name everyone:
Top row left to right: Patsy, me, Emily, Teresa, Amanda M, Beth, Jennifer
Bottom row left to right: Bjanka, Amanda G, Amber

They are all very excited about Aaron coming. Not so excited about be taking some time off. They keep trying to convince me to just deliver there at the health department. Um, no thanks! Ill take my hospital birth with an epidural!


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Dad and I really like your scrubs.

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