Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going Home

We were told on Friday 7/29/11 that we may be going home on Saturday. We tried to not get our hopes up but there was no use. Saturday morning, the team came in to make rounds and said that we were free to go! It was hard to believe we were finally taking our baby home over three weeks after he was born. Stephen went and packed up all of our things at the Remmington and came to pick me and Aaron up. The nurses were trying to stall us because they did not want us to go. Ha ha! Told you they loved us. Auntie Mo ran and got Aaron's prescriptions filled then we were ready to hit the road. Aaron was FINALLY going to Alabama!

T getting him dressed to go home:

Officially going home family photo:
In the car seat ready to go:
With the sign the nurses had made for his door:
Walking to the car:
In the car pulling out of the parking garage. Also, first time we had ever taken him outside:
Walking into the house!!!

Nonna and Pops were eagerly waiting to hold Aaron when we got home:


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