Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birth Story Part 1

7/7/11: Well, we went to the doctor for our 37 week checkup. That was the moment every thing really started taking off. I knew as soon as they did the ultrasound that we would be meeting Aaron very soon. I could tell that his numbers had not changed much so he had not grow alot in the last two weeks. I knew that they would want to deliver. I tried to warn Stephen as we sat waiting on the doctor but he just kept playing games on my iphone saying, "Don't worry about it. I'm sure you are wrong." Okay, sure! Whatever! I tried to warn the poor boy. Dr. Otey walked in the room and said "Well, do you know what Im going to say?" I said, "That I need to have this baby really soon." Dr. Otey and I discussed the plan while Stephen sat in the corner pale with his head between his knees while the nurse fanned him. Ha ha! It was his lowest moment of the whole ordeal. One day that boy will learn to listen to me! I tried to warn him! We left the doctors office with plans to be at the hospital the next day at 6:00 am for induction. That night was a blur. I started having contractions and other signs that labor could start on its own very soon so I was not much help. Stephen ran around like crazy packing and cleaning and in general, freaking out. I could not sleep at all that night. Stephen slept great because of the two benadryl I gave him :). I was so glad that Morgan was working that night so I could text her and have someone to talk to as I sat on the couch thinking "Oh my word, I have to have a baby tomorrow!"

7/8/11: We got ready really early. I was showered and dressed by 4:30! Had to get one more belly shot before we left and I made Stephen pose for a picture too.

At 5:00 am, we sat in the car and prayed together one last time before we headed out. I walked into the hospital at 5:50 and was admitted, in my gown and had an IV by 6:00! They started pitocin about 7:00 and told me I should feel the contractions in about an hour. Well, fifteen minutes later, I was feeling them. Dr. Otey came by around 9:00 and broke my water and offered me my epidural to which I said "No, it's not that bad right now. I don't need it." Never again! I made it until about lunch and the pain was completely tolerable then in just a few minutes it became more than I wanted to have to feel. Also, about this time Aaron started to have some decelerations during the contractions so they told me a c seciton may be in my future but they wanted to watch me. I decided right then I wanted to get the epidural now before the pain got worse or before I needed it in an emergency situation. Thats when I met my friend, Brian! The very nice man that put in my epidural. He was my favorite person of the day. We sat around for the rest of the afternoon visiting with family and waiting to see what would happen.
Fake smile before my epidural:

Real smile AFTER my epidural:
So we will remember, Aaron was born on the day of the last shuttle launch:


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