Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas In West Point

After Nonna and Pops, we headed to West Point, MS to be with the May side of the family. Aaron napped on the way and was ready to charm the room once we arrived. He ate almost an entire banana while we were there and had a couple bottles. Guess he thought he should over eat since we all were.

Mim gave Aaron a laughing teddy bear:

And a "1st Christmas" hat. It was a little small for his big Pourciau head:

After all the presents were opened he laid in the floor and played with the left over paper:

Paper is fun!

After we got home we put him in his pjs and let him play for a minute before going to bed:

Aaron- "Whatcha mean Santa isn't coming tomorrow too?"

Im not sure what I had expected for this day. I knew I wanted it to go as smoothly as possible considering Aaron would be out and about and missing naps. As far as Aaron goes, he did really well. Minimal fussing and he was able to catch some naps here and there. It was a good day of visiting and just enjoying each other's company. I think its exactly the memory I wanted of his first Christmas. I was so grateful that we got to share this Christmas with him and that he was healthy and able to enjoy the day. Excited for next year when he will get to start learning the true meaning of the day.


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