Thursday, January 12, 2012

SIX Months!!

Stats: We have not been weighed since December, but I sat him on the bathroom scale this weekend and it was 15.0 lb. No idea how long he is. He is longer because his pants are getting shorter and shorter.

Eating: He's eating anything we will give him. He is still taking 5 bottles a day with 5-6 oz. He has cereal in bottles twice a day. Then solids usually 3 times a day. His favorite is fresh banana but like I said he will pretty much eat anything and lots of it. He had table food for the fist time Christmas Eve. He had a few small bites of mashed potatoes.

Clothes: He is still in a few 3-6 month clothes but only in the brands that run large. He is wearing alot of 6 month clothes and even a few 6-12 month items. We received a ton of hand me downs from some friends once we arrived in Shreveport. This is one of our favorite outfits that he got. He has worn it several times.

Diapers: Still in size 2 but growing quickly so not sure how long we will stay in this size. Got some Huggies from Sams but have not been happy with them so we will be going back to Luvs soon as we use these up.

Sleeping: He actually slept through the night several times this month. He has only done it once since the move which was last night. His nap and sleep schedule was completely messed up the last couple of weeks but I think we are getting him back on track. We have moved out of the nap nanny!! Yea!! It was rough but he is now just sleeping in his crib using a Halo sleep sack. He even rolls onto his side and sleeps most of the time.

Toys you love: A plastic cup or spoon will keep him happy for awhile. His favorite toy from Christmas was the turtle with balls from Chase. He is also loving Goodnight Moon. He will just sit and watch you turn the pages over and over again.

Milestones this month: SITTING UP!! He is sitting up most of the time now. He will not lay on his back to play anymore. He is talking/babbling more and more. Taking less naps and sleeping more at night. He is now reaching out for us to be held. He is also pushing up full on both arms when on his tummy. He wants to crawl so badly but just cannot figure it out. He will get frustrated trying, roll onto his back and scoot on his back. No idea why but that is how he has figured out how to move around. He moves all over his crib like this. He is also now sucking on his toes. If you put him down to change his diaper, he immediately grabs his feet and tries to eat his toes. He never gets tired of doing this.

Activities: Talking, eating, skyping with Nonna and Pops, getting to know Cap and T, belly laughing at Auntie Mo, reading, playing with his toes, going for walks in the neighborhood

Medical: Nothing to report here. Doing well from what we can tell. He goes to pediatrician Feb 2 and cardiologist Feb 9. Trying to decide if and when we will change to a cardiologist here. I just do not think we are ready. Its worth the drive to see Dr. A for a few more times.

Holidays: We spent New Years in our new home just unpacking. We had neighbors on all sides that were shooting fireworks so we took Aaron outside to watch. They did not scare him at all. He loved them!

Watching fire works with Daddy:
New Years family picture:


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