Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we moved to Louisiana. It was a crazy few weeks, packing and loading up and then unpacking. Throw in Stephen finishing a job, holidays, and starting new jobs. Needless to say we are tired. But the house is almost completely unpacked. Here are some pictures from the week we moved to document that week in our lives.

Stephen picked up the rental truck the day before we left. He was so excited to show Aaron the big truck! As soon as Aaron woke up from his nap, he took him out to give him the grand tour.

Walking around in the back where ALL of our belongings were crammed a few hours later. It was a 26 foot truck and my dad said they filled up 25 ft and 11 inches of it.

Saying goodbye to our house:

Will miss this house. It was Aaron's first home:

Took this late at night right after we drove across the state line. We had officially been residents for about 5 minutes.
Aaron did GREAT on the drive over which I am so grateful for since I was driving and had him with me with no other help. He slept 80% of the way. However, once we pulled into town EXHAUSTED, he was wide awake and stayed up until after 1:00 am! He slept from 1:00-5:00 then got back up. We lived off caffeine to unload the truck and start unpacking.


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