Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking Out!

Aaron has broken out of jail! Isolation is officially over!!!! I cannot believe this day has finally arrived. We are excited and scared to death. We only know how to parent Aaron in isolation and be germ freaks. We are learning to relax. It helps that Aaron is doing really well going places and loves to see new people. He was ready for the socialization.

First stop was breakfast at Southfield Grill. He spent the entire time ease dropping on the table beside us and flirting with the waitresses. The waitresses fell in love and even gave him a free biscuit for being so cute.
Second stop was the boardwalk for some shopping. He wasn't a huge fan, mainly because I made him try on clothes.
Nonna came for the week and got lots of Aaron kisses. They had a great time together. Aaron says come back soon, Nonna!

Wagon ride with Pops


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