Monday, April 9, 2012

He's on the Move

So a couple of weeks ago Aaron decided that he was frustrated enough with not being able to move that he would start to crawl. At first it was a weird very stiff crawl and he would only crawl on carpet. If he had to crawl on the hard wood floors, he tried not to let his knees touch the floor which made for a very funny crawl. But after a few days he had it down. And he is fast!!! He can be out the door and into something before you even realize he's not in the room with you anymore.

Aaron- I think he's asleep. He won't be able to catch me when I go!
Loves to crawl to his changing table and pull everything off of it- diapers, pjs, blankets. They then get spread all over his room.
Yes, we are tired! Aaron doesn't seem to be as tired as Mommy and Daddy.

Are they watching?
Nope! Bye bye!


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