Monday, April 9, 2012

9 Months

Stats: 17 lb 15 oz as of today. They tried to measure him but think it was incorrect today or the last visit. Very hard to measure a squirming 9 month old! His pants are shorter so I now he got longer again this month.

Diapers: Still size 3 and holding and still using Luvs.

Sleeping: Usually sleeping 12 hours at night. The last couple of weeks he has been waking up wanting to eat one time a night. We tried to reason with him to ask him to stop but he doesn't seem interested. Last night he slept through the night. Hoping he gets back in that habit quickly! I don't know how we went as long as we did with him getting up 3-4 times every night!

Clothes: Still wearing 9-12 month things. Moved up to 12 month Carter's pjs last week.

Eating: SHOOT ME NOW!! Boy does not want his bottle!!! Im talking wrestling, spitting, screaming, sweating, fit throwing every time. It is an all day battle to get fluids in him. He will eat solids, puffs, yogurt melts until you stop giving them to him. But bottles, no! We have tried different sippy cups, bottles, rooms, person feeding him, everything! Dr. Carroll says its a phase and he may just be getting ready for more table food and less baby food. He did have his first lunch date with Auntie Mo to El Chico. He squealed at everyone that walked by.

Is that guacamole for me!?!

Toys you love: We got out some hand me down toys out this month. More interactive. He seems to like them. This month he is loving plastic easter eggs and books alot. Also loves our bath mat. If our bathroom door is open he makes a bee line in there to sit and just pet the bath mat.

Milestones this month: Second tooth came through this week. And it was much less traumatic for all those involved. He didn't even show any symptoms until 24 hours before. Much easier. This month he has started crawling-ALL OVER THE PLACE! If he is awake, he is moving. He is also standing. It is so weird to walk into his room and he's standing up in his bed. He is pulling up on anything furniture, walls, people. He's just starting to cruise (walk while holding to furniture). Dr Carroll said he is right on track physically. Everyone seems to continue to be surprised by how well he is doing. Also, this month he started calling us "mama" and "dada" and meaning it not just mimicking or babbling it randomly. Love it. Love when he crawls toward me calling "mamamama". He had his first church and nursery visit this month. He did great. He seems to be adjusting easily to not being in isolation anymore. He was ready for the socialization.

Activities: Talking- he has gotten alot louder this month, moving, moving, moving, going outside, meeting new people.

Medical: Saw the new cardiologist this month. We were very impressed and loved only having a 10 minute drive instead of 3 hours. Aaron did great with the echo and got a great report. We go back when he's a year old. We saw Dr. Carroll today for his 9 month check up. She said he is doing great. He is now 12% on the growth chart for his weight, 25% for his length and 50% for his head (of course). We go in two weeks for his last dose of Synagist and then go for a check up once he is a year old.

Visitors: Nonna came for a week to keep Aaron while we worked. They had a blast. He was spoiled rotten! Sassy, Poppa, G, Pops and Uncle Chase were all in town for his dedication the first weekend of April.


T said...

Wow! What a month. He is overflowing the laundry basket now. I didn't realize that you'd seen me "wrestling, spitting, screaming, sweating, fit throwing" when I was trying to get him to finish his bottle! T

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