Sunday, May 8, 2011

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Size of baby: the size of a cabbage- 17 inches long and 3 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. Maternity shirts now too. Had to get some new maternity tank tops this week because my belly was starting to hang out the bottom of my regular ones.

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: Moving moving moving all the time! He really liked when we were at the LSU/Bama baseball game yesterday. He moved alot!

What I miss: Sleeping or just laying on my stomach

Sleep: Much better since Dr. Otey said I can take benadryl whenever I need it to help me sleep. Last night was not much fun. I woke up at least 10 times with leg cramps.

Symptoms: Not much patience this weeks still. And especially on the road. Road rage is not attractive. Hope this passes but I think it may just be here til the end.

Cravings: I wanted sweet things all week because I was trying not to eat anything before my glucose test.

Went to the doctor Friday. Had the dreaded glucose test and I have to say it was not as bad as I had heard/read. I had the tropical punch drink and they had it very cold. I was there right as another patient was to take the test so we drank it together and then waited and visited until our labs were drawn. And....drumroll please.....I passed!!! By alot! I was so happy. We got a great report. All my other labs were right on track along with my weight. Dr. Otey said that if he could pick the first week what he wanted me to look like at 28 weeks that I was exactly as he would have chosen. He told me to keep doing what I am doing. Aaron still tried to hide from the doppler and kicked it every time they pressed it to my belly. His heart rate was 150 this time. Dr. Otey said he is pretty sure we will have a very active little boy on our hands. Great! Maybe it will just make me skinnier as I chase behind him. Or we can just drop him off at his grandparents to run that energy off and then pick him up a few hours later. We are supposed to go back in a couple weeks.


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