Saturday, May 28, 2011

31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 weeks!

Size of baby: my apps still says the size of a head of lettuce but now 18-19 inches long and 4 pounds. Have you ever seen a 19 inch long head of lettuce that weighs 4 pounds? I don't think I have.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. Maternity shirts now too. Growing out of some maternity shirts now. Running out of lounge clothes.

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: Still moving throughout the day. Movement is getting more uncomfortable. He still loves to stay in my ribs on the right side. Right now he is bawled up on that side and it makes my stomach look uneven. Oh well, I'm okay with it until he starts pushing against them then I'm not a fan.

What I miss: Doing anything easily without getting tired of short or breath

Sleep: I slept well this week. Crazy dreams again. Last night I dreamed I gave birth and it was SEVEN babies!! Needless to say it was overwhelming.

Symptoms: Just tired and always HOT!!! Ready to hit the pool soon

Cravings: I really wanted Marble Slab cheese cake ice cream with snickers for 3 days. There are no Marble Slabs in Lamar county. But I did breakdown and get a snickers blast from Sonic after my doctors appointment yesterday and that seemed to be okay but still not Marble Slab.

I did see the doctor Thursday. Everything looked good. My blood pressure was a little higher than last time but he said was within normal for someone that is as pregnant as I am. Plus I still have not had any swelling so he was pleased. We even talked about delivery which was the first time. Can't believe its time to talk about that. He said if my blood pressure stays on this track then he will let me go into labor on my own. I have to see a couple other doctors in the practice on my next two visits which I am not thrilled about but then I will be back with mine until the end. I also asked him if he was going on vacation anytime this summer. Thankfully he just got back last week and said he has no plans to leave. He also told me he has every intention of delivering Aaron. Think he is scared that I was telling the truth when I told him I would show up at his house if he wasn't working when I went into labor.


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