Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

I have had very vivid crazy dreams from the moment I got pregnant. They never make any sense but can make me wake up upset and CRANKY. This is one of my husband's least favorite parts of pregnancy. He hates when I wake up mad at him and he has no idea why. Ha ha oops! Anyway, I had a funny one this week and wanted to write it down so I would remember.

All in the same dream:
1. Stephen was late for his first day of work
2. Stephen was wearing an outfit that was completely wrong for work
3. Stephen had re-arranged my kitchen and I could not find anything
4. Stephen had cheated on me

I woke up crying mad and only because I thought Stephen had touched my kitchen!! Ha ha! That was what had apparently crossed the line for me in that dream. My hormones are so messed up. I told Stephen about it and he promised me to never ever re-arrange my kitchen no matter what. Oh yeah, and he promised to always be faithful too :) I have issues!


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