Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 15

How Far Along: Started week 15 today

Size of baby: the size of a large navel orange

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. I go back and forth between regular and maternity shirts.

Gender: I still say boy this week. I dreamed the other night it was a boy and I was going to give him a bath and he used the bathroom all over me and started giggling.

Movement: I have felt flutters off and on this week. Nothing consistent yet.

What I miss: Sleeping straight through the night. Its starting to get harder to get comfortable. I did get a pregnancy body pillow that has really helped. I even found Stephen curled up with it one morning when I got out of the shower. Ha ha

Sleep: see above

Symptoms: This week has brought all new symptoms and I am not very proud of them. I have ZERO patience this week! I mean ZERO!! And apparently I am not a fan of dogs right now (Yes, I know most of you that read this are huge dog people but right now I am not! Sorry, Im sure it will pass). I have also had some heart palpitations that are benign. It is still aggravating though. Apparently this is very common in this stage of pregnancy because the amount of blood in my body is still increasing. My doctor (and the million internet sources I have searched through) say that is is normal and will pass. My blood pressure has been perfect (Yea! Please pray that my bp will continue to be great throughout the pregnancy. I am most concerned about this). I have also started having more back pain this week. I will be glad when I start driving less for work because the 125-150 miles a day is getting more tiring.

Cravings: FOOD! I have been so hungry. Stephen was laughing at me last night. It was 10:15 and he was headed to bed. I was headed to the kitchen to make a snack. The other day I did text Leigh to say I wanted the following for lunch: brownies, cheetos, and sweet pickles. We had none of that in the house. I think I may just have to break down and make the brownies. I have wanted them for two weeks now.

I feel like I have not gotten much bigger this week but Stephen says that I have. I may try to get him to take a picture tomorrow before we go out. No other changes to report this week.


Shawn and Callie said...

Oh girl! That dream will become reality if Doodle Bug is a boy...JT ALWAYS pees on me during bath time! Hahaha! And the heart palpitations....I remember them so vividly. I thought something was wrong because they were very noticeable and strong. They would take my breath away.

Anyway...I'm so stinkin' excited for y'all and love reading your pregnancy journal. Can't wait to see y'all tonight at Brad's b-day party! I'll have to talk to doodle Bug like I used to talk to Ruby when she was still in Tay-ruh's belly! ;)

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