Saturday, January 22, 2011

(took this last weekend so I am a little bigger now)

How Far Along: Started week 14 yesterday (Yep! Im in my second trimester now!!! Praise Jesus!)

Size of baby: the size of a lemon (i think this is weird since I was a peach last week. I though lemons are smaller than peaches. who knows)

Maternity Clothes: I love elastic waist pants!! They are the best! I went shopping with my mom last weekend and got some great stuff and all on sale! May go back to Target tonight to get a couple more things. I need some more shirts because my regular ones are getting a little short in the front.

Gender: I still say boy this week.

Movement: I thought I felt something last night.

What I miss: I have felt so much better this week! I am getting more energy every day. Yesterday I accomplished more than I could have in a week two weeks ago.

Sleep: I have slept really well this week. When we went to Baton Rouge last weekend we got to sleep in a king size bed and it was heaven!

Symptoms: The nausea has gotten better. It mainly depends on what I am eating. Anything greasy makes it worse.

Cravings: Nothing really stands out in my mind this week.

Went back to the doctor yesterday. Got to have another ultrasound. The baby was HUGE! Could not believe how much it grew in two short weeks. The heart rate was 158 (boy!?!). The baby was moving around like crazy flipping from one side to the other. It waved again and you could see its little fingers. You could even see its little nose. He/she put on a show yesterday. The tech asked if I had had some sugar or caffeine. Nope! The baby is just that active. Heaven help us! Dr Otey gave me and the baby an A+ for the visit. And, yes I did sign the papers for my epidural yesterday so we are good to go! We also now have a pediatrician. Crazy! Its getting more real now. We go back in four weeks. We may find out the sex then or it may be the next visit. Now we have GOT to decide on names. I want to have a name picked out so DB will have a name as soon as we find out the sex.
(Tara said she can scan the ultrasound pics tomorrow so I will post them later)


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