Saturday, April 9, 2011

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks!

Size of baby: an eggplant!

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants all the way and of course my yoga pants. I am wearing all maternity tops now except for my scrub tops. But they probably wont last much longer.

Gender: Aaron Marcous

Movement: Still moving mostly in the afternoon and night (in fact he is playing his favorite game right now where he kicks my bladder)

What I miss: Shaving my legs easily. Cut myself twice this week.

Sleep: Its hit or miss. I sleep well until I wake up to go to the bathroom the first time then it takes awhile to get comfortable and find the perfect position with all my pillows.

Symptoms: Belly has been getting alot tighter this week. I told Stephen yesterday it fells like my ribs have been in a fight. My abs having really starting pulling and staying very tight this week which is very uncomfortable at times.

Cravings: Candy and chocolate! Nothing healthy this week. I have not been much of an eater at meals (which has happened alot during this pregnancy). Have been mainly snacking this week.

My hours at work were cut back alot starting this week along with my driving. I have felt much better and have actually had some energy at the end of the day. I text my mom that I had gone to Walmart for groceries and done laundry twice this week! That hasn't happened in a while. I'm still ready to crash at the end of the day but I guess my energy will continue to dwindle as I continue to get bigger and it gets hotter outside.

Next doctors appointment is next Friday. Should be a quick one except for the dreaded weigh in--gag!!!!!


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